Status bar icon of our W70Q are soo Odd….don’t worry i just mode the SystemUI with Xperia I am going to share it.

You device must be rooted . if you don’t you can follow here

Download Link :
SystemUI : Click here
RootExplorer : Click here

How to process :
1. First download SystemUI.apk & copy to sdCard
2. Now Open RootExplorer. (Download it from the above link).
3. Then copy the SystemUI.apk and paste it into System>>App>>Here
4. Permission it rw-r-r-

You have finished Enjoy…

NB : Make a backup of your Stock SystemUI.apk .
I am not responsible for any kind of damage.

Screenshot :
Screenshot_2014-06-15-19-50-57 Screenshot_2014-06-15-19-52-12