• KitKat based.
• Ok, Google – Use Google Search’s hot-word right from the home screen, just say “Ok, Google” to start.
• Enhanced performance.
• Animations, effects and other eye candy
• Home screen gestures (pinch, swipe up/down, double tap)
• Theme engine compatible with many Launcher themes
• Unread Counts
• Backup/restore settings and data
• performance/stabilities updates from Android 4.4
• Allow widgets in the dock


Screenshot_2014-07-13-04-14-05 Screenshot_2014-07-13-04-14-18 Screenshot_2014-07-13-04-14-36 Screenshot_2014-07-13-04-14-48 Screenshot_2014-07-13-04-14-55

Required Android: 4.1+

Download Link: Better Launcher